Hybrid Location API

AlterGeo’s Hybrid Location API allows devices to be positioned all over the world with the accuracy of 20 to 30 meters thanks to the innovative mechanism for combining WiFi, WiMAX, GSM, LTE, IP approaches. It allows electronic device makers, as well as web service and mobile app developers to provide their audiences with full-scale geographic features.

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SuperGeo for RTB

AlterGeo’s solution for ads geotargeting allows banners and other advertisements on websites and in mobile apps to be shown to certain users depending on their current location. The system positions all potential addressees of each ad in real time and distributes it only to a narrowly defined target territory. For example, the scope of recipients can be limited to those people who are physically located within a specified radius around a certain point (from 500-1000 meters). As a result, customers get the opportunity to target particular ads to narrow groups of users by location, which ensures the best targeted and thus most effective location-based advertising performance.

Advertising networks and agencies, as well as RTB providers can use this solution of AlterGeo as SaaS or an on-premises solution.

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  • WiFi, WiMAX, GSM, LTE access points traced: 135M+
  • Devices located daily: 100M+
  • Location requests served daily: 400M+
  • Hybrid positioning accuracy: 20-30 meters
  • IP positioning accuracy: 500-1,000 meters